Comments of students

All this comments wrote (ex-)students of my classes theirselfs in spanish or english!

Ralf B. - Austria (Original text in Spanish)

I am making my civil service here in León, Nicaragua for one year. I started with another teacher which was assigned to my the people of the project. She didn't had experience with foreigners and their problems, neither had meterial like grammar or exercices. After a few month a friend me recommended Ileana. She on the contrary knows exactly what she's doing. I already spoke a little bit spanish but i never used the right tense! Ileana had the experience with a lot of foreigners and knows where we experience difficulties. With the grammar, the pronunciation, the spelling and the daily situationes she helped me a lot!
Furthermore she is a really great person and the lessons are a joy, but if someone isn't doing his homework she can be really strict too. This combination is working perfectly, and now my spanish is good enough to talk to any person.

Charlotte Poschmann - Germany (Original text in Spanish)

We always start punctual with the classes, which is rare in Nicaragua ;-) They are a good mixture of grammar, exercises, conversation and reading. What I like most is the conversation because Ileana knows a lot of interesting subjects to talk about and she always is interested in the life of the students in the different countries. The exercises are of a good quality too, and support the fast learning of the spanish. When I don't understand some explications, she's ingenious and creative and sometimes it's very diverting with her.
She speaks a little english, too. That's very valient for the classes, helps a lot and is really rare, because a lot of spanish professors don't speak english and sometimes it's difficult to understand the grammar.
In comparison with the spanish schools in León, these classes are really cheap. In the school were I went before I had to pay almost the double, but the classes weren't that professional. The second aspect is the really friendly and solidary nature of Ileana. She always helps her students when they have problems, or are searching a family to stay. If it's necesarry she's going to a official appointment with us too.
In my opinion teaching is a art like the music or writing literature, and I'm thinking that Ileana dominates this art.

Laura Lemmens - Netherlands (Original text in Spanish)

I'm staying here in León to make a project for three months. But before I start with the project I wanted to speak better spanish. Through other girls from Holland, and students from here too, I found Ileana. I wanted the lessons with her because the others told me that Ileana is very pleasant, and very flexible with the hours and the location. (For example in the house of the person) Now I know that all this is the pure truth, and I like the classes because she teached me a lot in a short time.

Dieke Maetini - Netherlands (Original text in Spanish)

I am a student and stay in León for three months. I'm making an investigation about diabetes in a health care center in Sutiava (Part of León). Others students from Holland told me that the classes of Ileana are very good. I like the classes because she started with easy but important things to learn a new language. After three weeks of classes I already spoke a lot. Moreover she really is very flexible and can give classes at domicile.

Megan Shiroma - USA (Original text in English)

Before I ever took classes with Ileana I would observe the ways she worked with two of her students in the hostal I was staying. Even though the students were at different levels in their Spanish I noticed her approach was simular: careful listening and frequent corrections on her part. Now that I'm taking classes with her, I've discovered my suspicions were correct. She's very careful and deliberate in how she explains things, and extremly thorough and well prepared for the lessons we have. Her base knowledge of the Spanish language and all it's inticacies is very strong. I like that she can explain a grammatical point in a variety of ways, from using simple language to using the technical terminology. And what I really like about Ileana is that she doesn't resort to the "it just sounds better" explanation when I ask her why something is said one way in Spanish and not another. We've been meeting for about two weeks and I look forward to more lessons. I recommend her highly and without reservations.

?? Name ?? - Israel (Original text in English)

I stayed in the USA to make some money so I could travel to Central America. I started my journey in Panama and went north. Then I stayed in León for two month. In this time I took lessons with Ileana and I have to say that her clases are way better than the classes I am taking since I'm back home. She really made me understand what she was teaching. It was a really great experience and I would be glad to come back one day.