About me

My name is Ileana Sofía Vargas López, I'm 28 years old and mother of a girl.


I'm licensed in "ciencias de la eduacion" (Cience of educacion) with emphasis in Spanish.
I studied five years in the "Universidad Nacional autónoma de Nicaragua de León" (National autonomous University of Nicaragua in León), a University with great prestige and I graduated in the year 2ooo. I have a course of literature and communication, too.


I worked for the government in the public education for a year, as teacher in the primary and secondary. After that I started to work in a spanish school for foreigners, where y labored for two and a half years.
Nowadays I work independently since 2004.
I have and I always had students from all over. For example from Germany, Austria, Netherlands, United States, Canada, Japan

Other languages

I can write in english but basicly, understand it but I don't talk a lot because I never had the practice. I'm giving my classes only in spanish, this never was a problem, and the students learn faster this way.